Edgebrook Homestead

About Us

Work in Progress:


Edgebrook Homestead Health and Wellness is an exercise studio with a boutique/small batch approach to health and wellness.  Offering quality service personalized to you.  It is a wellness is a clinic where personal training meets mental health.  What we offer is a personalized, whole person approach to "getting fit." 

What would happen if an exercise studio was run by mental health professionals?

Edgebrook homestead breaks all your preconceived notions of mental health and personal training.  The focus is on improved functioning not on fat loss.  Weight is just how much of you is there, let us help you function at your peak performance, love yourself, and most importantly be happy. 

Edgebrook homestead is like nothing you have ever experienced.  Unlike most physical fitness situations, we don't see you as dollar signs.  We are redefining the model used my health and wellness organizations.  We see your money as an investment in yourself.  Your money goes to covering the cost of business and paying amazing trainers, massage therapists, and mental health practitioners.  Your money is not profit.  As the owner of the company I don't make any money unless I provide service to the member.  This allows us to offer lower prices and attract better staff.  It also allows us to provide better for our staff so they can continue to offer personalized over the top service and continue their education to be the most knowledgeable they can be in their field. 


Our mission:

To treat our clients with respect and meet each where they are at.  To provide the services needed for each client’s individual goals and growth. To work within each client’s ability, budget, and interest to find the right path for their wellness.  To never overcharge and offer the highest quality of service possible.