Edgebrook Homestead

Mental Health

I am unique in that along with being a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, I am also a Certified Personal Trainer through the Academy of Sports Medicine and have a heap of other licenses, certifications, and trainings that support the work I do.  When you hear "therapy" I am sure you picture an office is a nondescript building; couch, chair, coffee table; therapist in the chair you on the couch talking.  My practice is on a farm with ducks, chickens, and other animals, in a gym with punching bags, weights, open space to move; and yes we talk but we do so much more. 


What do we do? C.O.P.E. which stands for Challenging Opportunities for Personal Experience and Growth!  I can't describe a typical C.O.P.E. session as it is uniquely fit to each individual.  For some it may look more like a Personal Training session, for others it may look like Play, and for still others it may look more like a typical therapy session.  C.O.P.E. is highly influenced by Lifestyle Medicine.  Lifestyle Medicine in a medical approach where doctors use behavioral and lifestyle interventions to treat chronic disease.  I believe if we Eat better, are physically active, manage our stress, get proper sleep, and have a support system we will function better, be happier and be in a space to take better control of our mental wellness. 


My Psychiatric approach includes Positive Psychology and Narrative Therapy with CB, DBT and ACT techniques and interventions.  I consider myself and Embodiment Therapist.  Therapy is best performed by acting, doing, and moving. 


I am neurodivergent myself and have struggled in similar ways as you (if you are reading this).  I will function as a guide but you have to do the work.  I do more for my clients than most therapists do, but I expect more from you too.  When you are ready. I recognize that the step to seek out help may be more than you are able to do at this point.  I will not push you beyond what you are ready for.  I look forward to meeting you and learning about what you are passionate about.